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raspbian vlc performance

Fri Jan 24, 2020 7:55 pm

Hi all,

I want to use my raspbeery pi 3 as a mediaplayer mainly. I installed raspbian full and vlc player and used the update and upgrade commands

I got my raspberrypi connected on a philips 42 inch tv using hdmi cable.

Problems i occur is that the performance of vlc is really bad. It plays mainly older video's flawlessly (even if videofiles are around 1gig and 1080p). But more recent videofiles with a stutter, and some, even if there just around 300mb and 720p, the temperature sign appears in the top right of the screen and it really stutters, and lags.

I was just wondering if i perhaps missing some essential codecs (dont know how to update these) or if the hardware of the raspberrypi 3 version is just to outdated to keep up.

Any suggestions?

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Re: raspbian vlc performance

Sat Jan 25, 2020 12:51 am

Under tools/preferences/video/output which video output have you selected? In order to get hardware acceleration with the h264 codec you would either have to select mmal x11 splitter for raspberry pi or alternatively x11 video output (xcb). Although some might disagree I prefer the latter alternative because it enables a mouse activated control bar when in full screen whereas with the former you have to use the arrow keys to navigate or change volume when in full screen. Personally I have never seen any difference in performane or cpu utilization with either video output. What are the codecs of the videos which are giving you problems?

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Re: raspbian vlc performance

Sat Jan 25, 2020 6:34 am

Perhaps the OP is trying to play videos using codecs which are not supported by the GPU (like H265, for example, he is using a RPi 3).

On a Rpi 3 VLC will lose a lot of frames even with H264 encoding for 720p50 or 1080p25/30 if you do not switch to overlay mode (fuill screen with X11 MMAL splitter).

On a RPi 4, it will work, but with 1080p50, for example, you will still lose frames, if you stay in windowed mode, and it must be much worse on a 4K screen.
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Re: raspbian vlc performance

Sat Jan 25, 2020 12:58 pm

Guenter. you have enlightened me !! I have been selecting vlc video ouput as x11 (xcb) seemingly without performance penaltly. I guess I hadn't noticed because I am not sure I have any local video files that are 60 or even 50 fps and vlc plays online youtube at 720 or less. Sure enough when I download a 60fps sample video vlc on a pi 3 it will struggle or even freeze. But I did like that floating control bar!!! I was aware of the overlay setting but I didn't see any advantage until I tried a 60fps video. One thing puzzles me with vlc is that even when in advanced settings: /input/codecs i select 1080 as my preferred resolution for online videos , vlc will still only play 720 maximum online youtube. I guess it would only play a higher resolution video if it was a was streamed as a single combined video and audio file and you tube separates the audio and video in higher resolutions.However see: ... o-quality/

smplayer/mpv in contrast will play higher resolution videos delivered as separate audio and video.

This drawback doesn't really bother me except I occasionally encounter some youtube videos where the next highest quality below 1080p might be less than 720.

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