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Turning my Pi into an Access Point

Thu Jan 02, 2020 5:19 pm

Hi, I am trying to turn my raspberry pi into a simple access point aka "range extender"

I have a fresh Raspbian Buster Lite img from sep 2019
With a ssh file copied to the boot dir to enable ssh
On a Raspberry Pi 3 B V1.2

I started with the one on ...
Where I got the ap working without internet, and then found out I only needed the second part.
So I started there again with a fresh updated/upgraded/rebooted img but still no luck I'am unable to reach the pi over ethernet at the end of that tutorial. and my iphone says the password I use to connect to the created access point is incorrect. (even though I'm pretty sure its the same as configured)

So I dug deeper and found this:
which defines the following steps:
  • Install hostapd
  • unmask and enable hostapd
  • add bridge-br0.netdev
  • add
  • enable systemd-networkd
  • add denyinterfaces to dhcpcd.conf
  • add the hostapd config exactly as the example
  • reboot
After that the pi does not get an ip address anymore, so I am unable to reach it with ssh, and unable to join the wifi network with the configured settings.

If I sign in with a display and keyboard I get the following outputs:
debug.jpg (243.73 KiB) Viewed 655 times
So at this point I am pretty much lost. I tried poking around in the interfaces or the dhcpcd.conf files to add the br0 interface but that only resulted in more errors...

If anyone could tell me what is going wrong, that would be much appreciated.

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Re: Turning my Pi into an Access Point

Thu Jan 02, 2020 9:10 pm

Can’t tell you anything else but to try again from a brand new copy of Buster. The updated guide works, AFAIK.
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Re: Turning my Pi into an Access Point

Fri Jan 03, 2020 1:57 pm

I have buster lite and full updated.
Run these script :
And you'r done, i have installed it several times without any issue at all.

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Re: Turning my Pi into an Access Point

Sat Jan 04, 2020 5:23 pm

Thanks for your replies, the solution from TheoPA3DSS worked for me as well, only this creates a new network which was not the functionality I was looking for.

I managed to make it work as I wanted by doing the following:
start with a clean img
install and configure hostapd
install bridge-utils
use the interfaces config from this url ... er-part-2/
After a reboot my pi bridges all the wireless connections to the ethernet network and functions as a simple access point.

Thanks again, I learned a lot from your resources!

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