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Permission Denied to execute files within a custom directory in /home

Wed Dec 18, 2019 9:11 pm

I made a post the other day about being denied permission to create a new directory within /home. I was able to resolve this issue but it caused a new issue to arise. I am attempting to execute specific files by using the cd command in the command line. I have attached a picture of the issue and if anyone knows how to fix it let me know.Image

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Re: Permission Denied to execute files within a custom directory in /home

Wed Dec 18, 2019 10:38 pm

  1. There's no picture. Or obvious link to one.
  2. "cd" doesn't execute anything. It changes the current directory (hence "cd")
OK, found the picture. Had to go digging into the quoted version of your post.

This is going from your image, so mostly inferred.

That's not how a Makefile is normally used. You normally pass it to the command "make" rather than run it directly. As "Makefile" is one of the possible default names you'd just run

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make <target>
where <target> is one of the targets specified whithin the make file. Often those include "clean" and "install".

You may also need to run a configure step before running make.

While not guaranteed, and impossible to guess at as you've given no indication of what you're trying to build, many project are built and installed by
sudo make install
Given your screen grab you can probably ommit the

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However do not perform the last step unless you A. know exactly waht it's going to do, and B. have backed up your SD card

You should read the documentation for whatever it is you're trying to build along with reading up on linux file permissions and the make tool.

I'm slightly bemused as to why you've felt it necessary to do this build in a new directory under /home rather than in a sub-directory of your existing user.
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