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Midi Keybaord on USB OTG on Pi Zero W

Tue Dec 10, 2019 12:06 pm

I'm trying to make a small synthesizer with a Pi Zero, I2C OLED hat, and a Novation LaunchPad Midi Keyboard.

Here's the setup:


As you can see, the keyboard powers up fine. However, it's not at all picked up by the Pi - and the keyboard boot animation loops.

lsusb, aconnect, dmesg all show nothing connected.

Is this an unavoidable issue with the male-micro to female-USB cable setup I have, or something software side?



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Re: Midi Keybaord on USB OTG on Pi Zero W

Tue Dec 10, 2019 12:43 pm

Could be an issue with either of the cables between the Pi and keyboard.

Try the following:
  • Using the same otg adapter try a different USB device. This will tell you if the otg adapter is at fault. A simple device like a thumb drive, keyboard, or mouse is probably your best bet.
  • Try a different know good device instead of the keyboard but with the same cables.
  • Using the same USB A male to whatever cable try connecting the keyboard to your laptop. If ti works, that cable isn't the problem.
  • If the above doesn't work, try with a different cable. If that doesn't work, the keyboard may be the problem. (Check by usingthe same cable with a different device)
  • If that works, try the same cable with the Pi.
The above is basic troubleshooting. Change one thing, see if it fixes the problem. If not change it back and try something else.
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Re: Midi Keybaord on USB OTG on Pi Zero W

Sun Jan 12, 2020 3:33 am

Did you get any further? I’d like to hook up something like a Novation Launchpad X to a Pi4 - I’m thinking it might “just work” as a midi controller, but I’d want to control the LEDs too.

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