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Raspberry Pi 3B Broken?

Wed Dec 04, 2019 8:29 pm

A quick disclaimer before I start, I have literally tried every troubleshooting solution. I have tested 3 separate micro USB's, reinstalled every version raspbian buster (even though all I needed was lite,) I have tried every USB wall adapter in my home ranging from 1.5A to 3A as well as my computers front panel and motherboard USB 3.0 outputs and a USB C to Micro, every micro USB cable I have (they are all good quality cables so I don't see this as the issue,) and to no avail my Pi will not boot.

The main symptom is that when I plug it in, all I see is the red power LED. With or without an SD card, I never get a green LED.

I got my Pi a few years ago for Christmas (maybe 2017) and I used it for a few months just playing with it but then I lost interest (I was younger and did not know what to do with it.) It had sat in its original packaging in my area where I keep all my other PC components (dust free, static free.) Today I brought it out to start setting up a home cloud server, but it seems to not work as aforementioned. I just wanted to ask for advice before I go and buy a new one to complete my project. Cheers, and thank you in advance :)

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