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Bluetooth Panel Button missing

Posted: Fri Nov 29, 2019 10:08 pm
by Donnelly
Good Day,
I have two RPi4's: on configured as an PLEX Media Server and one as an NAS (Samba). Both system were built / configured at the same time and have been updated as of today.

I noticed several days ago, the PLEX Media Server has a Bluetooth button in the top panel, yet the NAS does not. I have tried, on the NAS system, to "add" the bluetooth button through the Add/remove panel item function, but no luck.

Now additionally, the NAS, in the top panel has an eject button, but no bluetooth button.

How do I add this button so I can turn on bluetooth?

Many thanks.

Re: (Resolved) Bluetooth Panel Button missing

Posted: Fri Nov 29, 2019 10:37 pm
by Donnelly would seem I have learned a lesson here.

After "adding" a button to the lxpanel, I should close out the session and reload the window. As when I exited the VNC connection....did a couple of house chores, then came back and logged into my NAS RPi 4, the lxpanel Bluetooth button was there.

Problem solved.
Thanks for everyone's patience.

Re: Bluetooth Panel Button missing

Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2019 10:48 pm
by k1ffx
Hi, Dave -

I have a similar (maybe?) problem.

I installed the latest Raspbian install from the download site the other day. It came up fine, and I'm pretty sure that
the Bluetooth icon was up there in the lxpanel. Yesterday, I started tinkering with themes, etc., just using the the provided Preference apps (no editing of config files), and somewhere along the way, the Bluetooth icon disappeared.

I can mouse over where the icon used to be and the panel plugin is running ... a button "shape" appears when I mouse
over. I can click there and get the "Turn off Bluetooth" pulldown menu.

But the icon has gone AWOL. I tried your suggestion of deleting Bluetooth from lxpanel, adding it back, and then logginig out and logging in again ... but no joy.

Any suggestion would be much appreciated.

Best -

Bruce Rosen

Re: Bluetooth Panel Button missing

Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2019 8:25 pm
by Donnelly
Well, I just went into my system to verify what I did....and the bluetooth icon was gone. :(

So I added it back (?) via the LXPanel settings. But it would not show. Frustrating. :?

So I tried resizing the panel....then the panel suddenly reset on its own back to 100%....and the bluetooth icon reappeared, along with a second bluetooth icon - which I presume was there all along...just not visible.

As with you, refreshing the screen had no impact, logging out/in had no effect this time.

I searched the LXPanel forum for help, but could not locate any similar symptoms.

I have two systems RPi 4 systems. One configured as a PLEX Media Server - there are four icons in the right corner: sound, time, wired/wireless and bluetooth. My other system is configured as a NAS: it has 4 (or 5?) icons in the upper right: sound, wired/wireless, time, an eject button icon....and a vanishing/reappearing bluetooth icon.

I am beginning to think there is some limitation to the number of icons in the upper right corner.....but need a more experienced user than myself to help explain this issue.

Re: Bluetooth Panel Button missing

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 3:27 am
by k1ffx
Thanks for following up on this, Dave. Following your hint, I tried every resize that I could think of, to no avail.

However, I stumbled across the following which restored the Bluetooth icon.

1. On the desktop, right click.
2. Brings up a menu, with Desktop Preferences as the bottom item.
3. Select Desktop Preferences
4. Select "Defaults" tab
5. Select any of the options. The icons from the initial install come back.
6. You can then use the Geometry tab to resize the toolbar height and icon size.

So, there was something about changing themes, which is what I did the other day, which made the icons
disappear. I'm guessing (totally) that some (all?) of the selectable themes (under Main Menu / Preferences /
Theme and Appearance Settings) do not include the Bluetooth (and maybe other?) icons.

Now that I know how to get icons back, guess I'll go back and see exactly what step in Theme and
Appearance Settings made them disappear.

Thanks again, Dave ... much appreciated.

- Bruce

Re: Bluetooth Panel Button missing

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 6:08 am
by RossDv8
I noticed that Raspbian on 'my' Pi 4 regularly loses icons from the panel. This has been happening even after regular full / dist upgrades for the months I have had my Pi 4. It has also happened with fresher installs right up to the latest Busty.

Usually, a simple fix is to open a Terminal and use:

Code: Select all

lxpanelctl restart
then press enter.

Because it was happening so frequently. I ended up making it a simple bash script, saving it in my Bash-Scripts folder, making it executable and putting a copy in my Desktop folder where, because it was on the desktop. I could just click it whenever I noticed missing items on my Panel.

Code: Select all

lxpanelctl restart
Eventually, because I wanted it to make it prettier I made a dot desktop file so I could have an icon, and I could add it to my Panel. That kind of de-feeted the porpoise, because guess which was one of the first icons to disappear from my Panel :D

So I ended up with the .desktop file in my Desktop folder, where it appears as a pretty icon instead of looking like a text file.

Code: Select all

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Reload the Panel if Icons disappear
reloadpanel.png (202.65 KiB) Viewed 535 times

Re: Bluetooth Panel Button missing

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 4:54 pm
by k1ffx
@RossDv8 - thanks for the input.

I tried doing the lxpanelctl restart, but that didn't help. And Dave's geometry changes also didn't help here.

It has the appearance of the non-default themes storing their icons somewhere other than where lxpanel on
Rapbian is looking for them. This is, to be sure, a total SWAG - I did a lot of Linux-based work in the past but I'm new
to Raspberry Pi and Raspbian.

Mostly, I was just trying to have a prettier icon set up there in the panel ... that's what got me start on tinkering
with themes. If I get a chance, I'll go back and tinker with Themes again and keep an eye on the precise moment
that the Bluetooth icon disappears ... then, if I get really energetic, I'll go post a query over at the lxde/lxpanel forum.

Cheers -


Re: Bluetooth Panel Button missing

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 5:30 pm
by k1ffx
One more post (am I obsessing about this? Maybe ... :shock: )

So, the bluetooth icon disappears for any of the themes that appear in

Preferences/Theme and Appearance Settings/Icon Themes

except for PiXflat, which is the Default theme ... it's what comes up when you first install Raspbian and when you
select a Default from Desktop Settings/Default. The icon only disappears after then next time lxpanel is restarted,
either by a reboot or lxpanelctl restart.

Cheers -


Re: Bluetooth Panel Button missing

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 5:44 pm
by Donnelly
Many thanks for all the additional info and insight. It will help next time...icons disappear/reappear..... :)

Clearly an interesting feature. :lol:

Re: Bluetooth Panel Button missing

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 11:46 pm
by RossDv8
Interesting. I don;t usually have the Bluetooth icon on my Panel because I rarely use it on Linux computers.
So I added it, and went to the' Preferences > Theme and Appearance' Menu and changed the Icon theme form PixFlat to a few of the others.

it is not only the Bluetooth Icon that disappears. On a number of the Icon themes, several of the Icons go blank or got missing completely. Breeze Dark is one example.

So the problem is definitely there. but might not be an internal Raspbian problem. It is likely that Icon themes on the Repos might not have full icon sets correctly associated with applications installed in Raspbian.

Bluetooth for example, doesn;t disappear off my Panel. The Icon simply goes missing. If I click on the space where it shoudl be, I can turn Bluetooth on/off and pair etc.

Starting at the top of the list of Icon themes in Preferences with Adwaita, the only Icon themes that give me a Bluetooth Icon are:

So far, without rebooting, it seems that changing the Widget Theme initially got rid of my Bluetooth icon form the panel, but swapping the Icon theme back to one of those three above then doing the reload panel thing, gave it back to me, while keeping other elephants of the new theme.

I tested this on various Widget themes and reloading the panel after setting a new theme did NOT recover the Bluetooth icon, but reloading the panel after changing the icon theme (2 tabs right of 'Widget' tab) to Qxygen, Pix or PixFlat = DOES give me back the Bluetooth Icon.

I'm about to reboot now and see if I still have a Bluetooth icon in a theme called MurrinaAzul...


Well, that was fun.
I swapped several themes and rebooted between each. As long as I stayed with Oxygen, Pix and PixFlat for my Icon Theme, i could choose whatever Widget Theme I wanted, swap to one of those 3 Icon themes, reload the panel and I had my Bluetooth icon. And even after a reboot, I still had my Bluetooth icon.

It might be worth checking to confirm on your Pi, but with any luck you should get the same result.
As long as you remember to make sure the Icon theme is one of those three, and then do the reload panel thingy - you might have the problem solved and can use whatever Widget theme you like.

Hope this helps. It was a fun little exercise :D

Re: Bluetooth Panel Button missing

Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2019 1:28 am
by k1ffx
Thanks for the followup, @RossDv8.

You're observation that Bluetooth doesn't go away, just the icon disappears, is consistent with what I saw. You could
mouseover that location on the lxpanel and "Manage Bluetooth Device" would appear.

I think you're right that the icon themes are incomplete, at least as far as implemented in the Raspberry Pi Raspbian
distribution. I couldn't really nail it down because I couldn't prove to myself where the icons are being loaded from.
I'd copy an appropriately named (I thought) icon to the directory where I thought they are loaded from ... but that
made no difference.

In any case, what I ended up doing was downloading the Faenza icon theme (found a pointer to it here, picked one of the several
variants of the theme that came in the ZIP file, put it in ~/.icons, and ... voila ... got a full set of nice icons.

Cheers -