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Lighting bolt only when I swap image

Sun Oct 20, 2019 10:31 pm

I have a 3b+ ,runs fine with one image but lighting bolt at start up for another image ,the image with lighting bolt is cyclic light gun only image 16b,anyone know how to fix ?thank you

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Re: Lighting bolt only when I swap image

Mon Oct 21, 2019 5:04 am

It sounds like the failing image is running the GPU harder than the working image. This suggests that either your power supply is inadequate, or the cable connecting the PSU to the Pi is too thin, too long, or both.

What are you using to power the Pi?

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Re: Lighting bolt only when I swap image

Mon Oct 21, 2019 7:50 am

This was a RPi3B+ symptom when the bootcode/firmware/kernel on the SDCard was older than the RPi.

If the image on the SDcard was created before March 2018 it won't boot without some updates. If the card has NOOBS forget it, updating NOOBS is a pain.
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