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Re: Pi 4 4GB- Wifi not working when resolution is set too high

Sat Dec 14, 2019 10:40 am

Ok.. following up.

So moving the Raspberry Pi 4 to a place in my house away from all other electronics did not work. The problem still persists. Looks like it connects but no internet. Nothing will load in the browser. Getting really frustrated. I simply do not understand the problem, especially when all other devices, including the RPi 3 connects no problem, and that the RPi4 connected fine 3 weeks ago.. Just doesn't make any sense and it's seriously killin' the vibe here. It's like chasing a ghost! I'm gonna try another monitor and I'll report when tried.

Any other guidance on what I should be doing is super appreciated, I would love to help solve this problem. I'm sure other cats are experiencing this. Thanks for reading, helping and your time!

~ jbobfunky

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