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two hd enter one hd leave

Thu Sep 19, 2019 2:43 am

I'm trying to set up a raid mirror with two hard drives. I had previously had a 4 hard drive set up with raid5 on a rpi3. The drives were sata with a sata to usb connector on each one. Each one had two USB connectors, one to connect to rpi and the other to a power supply. This worked fine, until I messed up my raid5 array.

I have decided that raid mirror would be better suited to my needs. But I guess not, but I'd rather not go back to raid5.

I connect two external usb3 hard drives to my new rpi4, but the same issue occurs. The issue is that when I connect two HDs, one of them starts clicking. When I initially connected to my rpi3, I had thought it was a power issue because it was usb2, and had the old power spec. I thought getting a new rpi4 would solve this. But I was wrong.

I am not convinced that the hard drive is broken. Smartctl passes, and it happens with multiple drives that my 'normal' OS detects and mounts perfectly with no issues.

I am convinced the only way to solve this is to buy yet more hard drives that can use the SATA-to-usb connectors. Something I'd rather avoid doing. I'm wondering if anyone has had this issue, and how did they resolve it?


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