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NT32211 NTAG does not respond through I2C

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 10:51 pm
by Markus_Torres
The goal is to communicate with a NTAG (NT32211) that is controlling a NFC anthenna from the raspberry pi.

I am using a raspberry pi 3B+, i2c-tools is installed, trying also from python using smbus and of course the I2C is activated in the raspberry config.

The NTAG already has data, it is readable from a cellphone with NFC or from another microcontroller (Arduino and PIC tested); when trying to read with "i2ctools" like "i2cdetect -y 1" the device addres does not show.
Also, I know the device adress where the data is stored so using "i2cdump -y 1 85" shows data but not the correct one.

Other devices are correctly listed and works ok, this particular NTAG is not working at all, I have tried with other anthennas with the same IC but got the same results.