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Raspberry Pi ACT light not blinking

Thu Aug 29, 2019 3:16 pm

Hi everyone,

I was using my Raspberry Pi 3B+ uncased and it was working well, showing the Raspbian desktop. I wanted to make my keyboard wires less messy so moved them but probably touched something else because the screen went off and the ACT light stopped blinking. Since then, there has been no ACT light even though I have repeatedly tried to boot the Pi. SD card works well with another Pi so the issue lies with the Pi. The red light is constantly on when I press the switch for the 5V 3A power supply and voltage is still around 5V btwn PP2 and PP6.

I tried USB boot using 2 thumbdrives (one from Bosch and another SD card reader thumbdrive) but no sign of booting or SD card reading. I had not configured USB boot before but I read that Pi 3B+ have it turned on by default.

Is my Pi repairable still or should I throw it? Any suggestions please? Thanks!

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Re: Raspberry Pi ACT light not blinking

Thu Aug 29, 2019 6:43 pm

I had a similar problem about a year ago, also rpi 3b+.

I was running GUI, everything suddenly froze, so i unplugged it to power it of. It hasnt booted since. I tried literaly everything i could, multiple systems with multpile sd cards, power supplies. Then i noticed that im not getting the rainbow screen (right before the boot), so pi was not reading from sdcard. ACT LED wasnt blinking. Checked test points with multimeter (tiny points labeled PPXX on the bottom of the pi). Then finally i gave it to a friend who has a lot more knowlage and expirence. He even looked for shorts under the thermal camera. To this day i dont know what happend. But i still have the pi, maybe in the future i will be able to tell whats wrong.

Were you using GPIO? What power supply did you use?

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Re: Raspberry Pi ACT light not blinking

Thu Aug 29, 2019 7:18 pm

Hi Rsingy123

I suggest you read the pi not booting sticky here ... 28&t=58151

taking note of the part about 3.3v failure on the first page and how to test for it.

As I suspect you have caused a short circuit on the bottom of your pi pcb while moving it which has killed the 3.3v .

xsw2_2wsx I suggest you do the same.
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