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Waveshare Rpi Camera (D) v2.1 not detected

Mon Jul 22, 2019 5:37 pm

Hi all! :)

I've just bought a camera as per this subject and it's not working. Once, almost accidently it became detected, made 2-3 shots, then rebooted and now it's always not detected (as per vscgencmd get_camera).

What I did:

1. Connected it when rpi being offline. So could not burn it. Led blinks red at boot.
2. Triple checked cable, seen manuals, youtube videos - yes it is connected as should be.
3. Clicked "sunny" connector on camera board, unpinned it twice and clicked it back, no use.
4. sudo lsmod displays bcm2835-v412.
5. raspi-config camera enabled, spi, l2c enabled
6. tightened with fingers connection point both at raspberry and at camera (in case cable connection is loose) - no use.

I could understand it being broken if it hasn't done couple of shots before that reboot when it became dead.

Any more ideas?

Highly appreciate,

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