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GPIO pins won't stop output

Thu Jul 18, 2019 2:26 am

Hi guys,
I am new to the raspberry pi so I decided to start off simple and make an RC car. I wanted to code it from scratch rather than using the kiddy guide on the website.
Eventually I made a script which would allow me to control the car using keyboard input (using Tkinter). However, when I pressed an unassigned button, the motors wouldn't stop spinning.
Now, as soon as the Pi turns on the motors keep spinning, the only time they stop is either when the Pi is off or the circuit is incomplete. It's obvious to me that this is because the GPIO pins are sending out a constant output. I've tried using GPIO.cleanup and writing my own scripts to stop the output but it won't stop.
Anyone have any ideas what has happened? I feel like I've just completely fried the GPIO pins

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Re: GPIO pins won't stop output

Thu Jul 18, 2019 9:45 am


Without seeing the code you are use and some good quality pictures of how you have the pi connected to the motors / controllers it impossible for anyone to offer any sensible advice.

upload the pictures to some ware like imgur.com and just post links here.

when posting the code please use code tags

Add [code] at the top

code goes here

and [/code] at the bottom.

remember we cant see your pi project we can only provide help on what information you supply.
We want information… information… information........................no information no help
The use of crystal balls & mind reading are not supported

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