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Pi goes dark after a few minutes

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:39 pm
by BFBeast666
So, after nearly forgetting that I ordered one, I received my shiny 512MB Pi the other day and had nothing but trouble with it. It simply stops working after a few minutes. I can count myself lucky if the system manages to boot at all.

Since I'm a complete newbie, I ordered a complete package from RS Components - a Pi, a click-together-case and a power supply specifically intended for the Pi. From my own parts bin, I got a slimline Hama USB keyboard, a no-name USB mouse and a brand new SD card with Raspian 'wheezy' on it. To see what my new Pi would be doing, I hooked it up to my HDTV via a basic HDMI cable from amazon.

I plugged in keyboard and mouse, fed the SD card to the Pi, hooked the system up to my TV and finally connected the power supply. Io and behold, a wall of text cascaded down my screen. Seems like everything worked flawlessly! But then, while I tried to make sense of the raspi-config menu, my screen went dark and my TV told me that there was no signal on that channel. I switched to normal TV and back to the HDMI input, but still nothing. I checked the Pi itself - a red LED was on, but nothing happened. I tried the keyboard, the mouse, nothing.

Trying to eliminate possible faults, I tried the HDMI cable with my PS3, which worked without a hitch. So it wasn't that.

I thought "okay, maybe the power supply is inadequate after all" and got myself a powered USB hub to take the power drain from mouse and keyboard off the pi, but still the same results. I can hardly boot up the thing before it goes dark again. WHAT THE HECK, guys? Help, please?

Re: Pi goes dark after a few minutes

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 7:33 pm
by drgeoff

Re: Pi goes dark after a few minutes

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:25 pm
by Frodo1B
I had to copy a new version of the latest version of Raspian over the one on my SDHC card from RS before I could get it to work. In fact I have four SDHC cards that will not work properly on any of my 3RPis, so try a different card and the latest version of Raspian before returning your RPi.

Re: Pi goes dark after a few minutes

Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2012 2:30 am
by BFBeast666
How recent are the linked OS images on the Downloads page? I downloaded the image and placed it on the SD card literally just before the first boot, four days ago. And sadly I'm not one of those people who has tons of SD media just lying around. I do have a second card, but that one's from my 3DS and I'm in no mood to fiddle with a backup solution for that just to try out if my Pi doesn't like the fresh Class 10 SD card I bought just for it. Yeah, go ahead and point your fingers at me. No cell, no digital camera, no need for exotic storage media before now :)

Well then, looks to me like I have to return the Pi and hope the replacement works. But that's one hell of a negative first impression the system gives off. Did no one bother to check if they, like, work? I was expecting, or rather hoping for some fiddling and tinkering, but a DoA unit? Meh.