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Non-standard path to user homes

Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:41 am


I am new to this forum and RPi and have a question.

On my RPi 3+, I have set up an external drive to be mounted on system start. I have an entry in /etc/fstab:

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UUID=fd8b5119-27bd-e908-74c7-371e72514ff0 /media/data ext3 defaults 0 3
I've got the whole /home folder there, which is not the root folder of the volume. Copied the home folders from an older NAS system and made the same users with the same IDs on the RPi.

I've synchronised the original system /home folder on the SD card with that on the external drive, deleted the original folder, and made a symlink to /media/data/home instead of it.

Now, my Raspberry complains about /home not being a directory:

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Jun 12 01:37:49 borova18 systemd-tmpfiles[369]: "/home" already exists and is not a directory.
What is the clean way to use the /media/data/home directory? Should I replace the symlink with an empty directory and add another entry in /etc/fstab mounting the /media/data/home directory on /home with the bind flag?

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Re: Non-standard path to user homes

Thu Jun 13, 2019 1:12 pm

A simple mount will suffice I believe. Remove the symlink and create an empty directory /home to serve as mount point.
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