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How can I get my missing menu bar back?

Sun May 26, 2019 10:19 pm

Hello forum,

I have tried to search the web for the answer but the solutions I am finding aren't working for me so I thought I would ask here.

I am running Raspian Jessie (yes, I know it is old but it has a few projects I set up a while ago and I couldn't remember how to re-install them so never upgraded).

My issue is that this evening after experiementing installing WordPress I was coming up with a 'no space on device' error so I ran a few commands including,

sudo apt autoremove

sudo apt autoclean

When I restarted the sytem, I find that my menu bar is missing.

Can anyone suggest how I get it back please?

I'm running Raspbian Jessie.
My menu bar is missing.
How can I get it back?

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Re: How can I get my missing menu bar back?

Mon May 27, 2019 3:07 pm

have you ran
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
( or full-upgrade )
to see if it helps.
then you could try
sudo apt install raspberrypi-ui-mods

But if you're getting space errors, I look to see if Wastebasket etc need emptying. And look for a larger uSD card so you can transfer it all across. They'll only crop up again soon and cause problems.

But do look at updating to stretch (or buster in the future), if you have time at some point to start a fresh and set everything up again, (and write down what you did* ;-))

*easier said then, "I'll remember how I did it, no problem." :oops: )

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