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SD corruption: mmc_blk_issue_rw_rq loosing requests

Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:59 pm

Hi, I am currently reviewing the source code of the driver to chase write corruptions. There is something in block.c, function mmc_blk_issue_rw_rq that makes me feel that the driver might loose requests:

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areq = mmc_start_req(card->host, areq, (int *) &status);  <-- Start new request "areq" (we call this one the NEWREQ) and return last completed request, now in "areq"
}   <--- end of switch( status )
if (ret) {  <--- we were only able to do a partial/failed request and need to retry
  * In case of a incomplete request
  * prepare it again and resend.
  mmc_blk_rw_rq_prep(mq_rq, card, disable_multi, mq);
  mmc_start_req(card->host, &mq_rq->mmc_active, NULL); <--- BUG
At the position BUG, the incomplete request is started again, but if NEWREQ has completed meanwhile, it's result IS NOT PROCESSED!

The same also applies to the call to mmc_start_req after label "start_new_req:".

Am I missing something?


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static int __trace( const char* file, const int line ) { pr_info( "#TRACE %s:%d\n", file, line ); return 1; }
#define return if( __trace( __FILE__, __LINE__) == 0 ) {} else return
#undef pr_debug
#define pr_debug pr_info

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