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Is it safe to disconnect power at this raspberry state?

Thu Apr 04, 2019 3:47 am

Hi, I have raspberry pi 3b+ with latest rasbian. Ive made power button on gpio with dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown on config.txt, it worked flawless. However Ive wanted to monitor raspberry state(is it running or not). So Ive added dtoverlay=gpio-poweroff ( I know that it not gonna be possible to boot with gpio-shutdown pin, its ok ). After adding gpio-poweroff to config.txt it started to power off strange(no matter do I shutdown thru rasbian GUI or using gpio pin). HDMI output/screen doesnt power off and shows this https://ibb.co/vv3hGBm

My question is, is it safe to disconnect raspberry power supply at this raspberry state? Should it be like that if I use gpio-poweroff? Cant find anything thru google or forums... Please help!

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