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New RPi 3 B V1.2 Rainbow Screen at Boot

Mon Nov 12, 2018 12:12 am

Hello. I just purchased a few Raspberry Pi's (3 Model B V1.2), and I have consistently encountered the rainbow screen of death at every boot (Red LED is solid, and no lightning-bolt indicator is seen). From other blog posts, I've read that this is reflective of the SD card not being formatted or read correctly .I have checked my power supply (2.4 Amps) and tried installing the latest Noobs and Raspbian images directly from the official website after formatting my card (32 GB) using the official SD formatting tool (I am using a Mac) multiple times.

What am I missing? Any advice is appreciated.


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Re: New RPi 3 B V1.2 Rainbow Screen at Boot

Mon Nov 12, 2018 2:37 pm

I've never used a 32gb card with my pi3, but I would try reformatting with the SD association formatter. I believe if you download the NOOBS file, you simply have to unzip it and then drag and drop onto the root directory of the sd need to use a program like etcher. They also have solo versions of Raspbian (lite or stretch) you can download just below the NOOBS link, I believe you WOULD have to use etcher though to properly write it to the sd card.

I would try it once again, if it continues to fail then try the different images available below the NOOBS link. If all else fails, try a different sd card.

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Re: New RPi 3 B V1.2 Rainbow Screen at Boot

Mon Nov 12, 2018 6:48 pm

The RA
The Rainbow Screen does not indicate the death of the Pi. It is the Pi's GPU, Graphical Processor Unit, initializing before starting the kernel image code. I usually get the Rainbow Screen on every boot, even on Pi's not running Raspbian. I am using 32 gb and larger.

I use Etcher to install the ISO files and do not format the SD card.

Have you looked at R-Pi Troubleshooting.

Issues with the power supply are concerned with both voltage and amperage. For the Pi 3B+ both need to by correct. Unless you are using the RPF power supply I would make sure my power cord is short and thick.

It is possible you have a bad SD card. Have you tested it?
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