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After update camera and VNC server no longer function

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 9:57 pm
by il_diavolo
As I have asked below (italics), is it possible to copy a complied (built) OpenCV installation to a new Raspbian without having to recompile?

I have Raspbian Stretch running on my Pi 3B (not 3B+) in my DiddyBorg robot. As recommended I like to regularly update/upgrade but recently each upgrade results in the camera no longer working and VNC Viewer (both on my PC and my PortaPi) claiming that the connection is refused by the server.

I can confirm that the camera is configured in the interfaces tab of the configuration menu. If I SSH into the Pi and run "sudo vncserver" I can sometimes get VNC to connect.

Currently I have reverted back to the last working backup but it means that I am unable to upgrade anymore.

As the current image contains CV2 3.3.3 which took me 24 hours of nervous tension to compile I am not keen to start again with a fresh Raspbian image. (Unless it is possible to copy the complied CV2 files over to the new image?)

Working these things out for myself is a bit beyond my ability which is basically confined to Python programming to enable "Diddy" to stroll about on his own, dodging obstacles and identifying objects met on route!

I would be most grateful if anyone could give me some advice here.

Re: After update camera and VNC server no longer function

Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 9:19 pm
by il_diavolo
Can anyone advise? Thanks.