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Push Bullet & SR501 Motion Sensor Error

Sun Sep 23, 2018 8:40 am

I've installed an SR501 Motion Sensor onto my Pi 3 B+ and trying to use the PushBullet option so that I can receive when our control door has been opened but im running into an error.....ive been following the installation instruction from: https://youtu.be/2QL5k235258 , everything seemed to go just fine BUT when I try to run the file as: sudo python 9_pir.py, I changed the name from pir.py to 9_pir.py and placed my files into a folder called (Motion) .....this is the error that I keep getting, (pushbullet.sh not found)


I'm an IT person but new to the Raspberry Pi and Linux coding.

Thanks for any help !!

pushbullet not found 2.jpg
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