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HELP! php.ini and Wordpress on LAMP

Sun May 27, 2018 9:29 pm

Hey all! :) Sorry if I’m not going into detail too much as I’m typing this on my iPhone.

I’m having a major issue with Wordpress running on my lamp Server. So I went to upload something via the media section on WordPress that’s 12MB but the server said upload error file size too large. I installed a plugin for server stats and on PHP it says max file size is 2MB, ok I thought and googled hi to fix it and followed the steps by increasing it on php.ini using sudo nano and upped them to 50MB. Restarted apache2 and then refreshed the Wordpress dashboard where the plugin says the server stats but it still says max size is 2MB. Am I missing something and can someone help me out as so far I’m loving the Pi. Thanks you in advance 😉

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