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Problem with reading data from heart sensor on battery supply

Thu Apr 26, 2018 6:30 pm


I have a problem with device constructed using RaspberryPi and a set of different sensors such as: pulse sensor, ultimate gps, temperature and humidity sensor, display and buzzer. I'm writing about sensors, becouse I guess that it may be too much load for my battery supply, but I'm not sure, becouse I don't have knowledge about electronics ... maybe some basic knowledge about it.

My problem concerns pulse beats per minute measurement. I have simply module, which have +/- pins and one pin which sends digital HIGH signal, when heart beats. To measure the time between beats I have simply algorithm written in C, which measure time between one HIGH signal and second HIGH signal.
When device is supplied directly from power supply from socket, than algorithm works perfect and time measurement between signals does not have any wrong times.
Problem is when my device is turned on from battery supply (Li-Pol 2200 [mAh] 3.7 [V]). To increase voltage I used Adafruit PowerBoost 1000C with battery charger. When I'm running my small program, than my time measurements are terrible. When I'm at rest than time between signals should be around ~600-700 [ms], but measurement error is very large and maybe sometimes in range of +/-200-600 [ms] and only one of four measurements is correct... I don't know what is reason of this. Maybe too much load? Maybe operating system (Raspbian lite in my case)? Or something else? I would like to ask You to help me with that, becouse I wasted much time to write filtering algorithms, but it's not effective when an error of measurement is large and occurs so often...

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Re: Problem with reading data from heart sensor on battery supply

Fri Apr 27, 2018 6:28 pm

You did not mention which RPi model you are using as some of the models are pretty thirsty for current but the 1000C is not going to be up to providing current beyond 1000 ma. You might be able to pull this off with a RPi zero or a 1 but if your sensors are drawing very much, it won't keep up.

You need to find the current consumption of each of your sensors and the RPi model you are using and if the total is greater than 1000 ma, you have found your problem.

The fact that the problem only surfaces when using the 1000C is a dead giveaway.

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