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raspistill timelapse - max time

Mon Apr 23, 2018 8:17 pm

Hi everyone,
I have written a small Python program to use raspistill to create time-lapse videos.

If I try to create a time-lapse video longer then 10 hours it does not work.

Is there a max value for the parameter -tl in raspistill?

10h * 60m *1 000ms = 600 000ms

raspistill -t 600000 -tl 15000-o image%06d.jpg

This is one of my latest videos from the weekend:

Thank you all for you help,

My project I am working on: An autonomous driving car with the Raspberry Pi and a lot of sensors.

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Re: raspistill timelapse - max time

Thu Jun 21, 2018 6:12 am

Hi Byte,

today I am trying my first longer-than-10-hours timelapse, so i could report with experience this evening.

I don't know what the maximum for the -tl parameter of raspistill is.
However, -tl indicates "the time interval between shoots in milliseconds" as seen in the official page: ...

But it looks like you understood this,

as you are reporting this calculation:
"10h * 60m *1 000ms = 600 000ms"
and using it in -t:
"raspistill -t 600000 -tl 15000-o image%06d.jpg"

Then, I think the slip here was in the calculations for -t

"10h * 60m *1 000ms = 600 000ms"

as -t accepts milliseconds, and this is in fact in seconds.

The simplest and better way I see for writing this is to add the full unit of measure for every number:

you should do: 10h = 10h * 60m/h * 60s/m *1000ms/s = 36 000 000ms

These then rule out, so you see at glance if you are missing something and can be sure of the unit conversion.

Just trying to bring my bookish answer to a simple calculation error post, so to have something to grasp on the next time a physics count is made.


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