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Unknown system error -121

Mon Apr 23, 2018 2:49 am

I am sending string commands over blue to the pi (Using Bleno) then updating the leds based off the bluetooth data. I am using raspiberrypi zero w and the arduino nano as an i2c backpack.

I am able to send bluetooth commands and the leds on the strip do change successfully using the nano as a backpack, but too many signals makes it crash.

The handler for receiving incoming signals is as ->

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var busy = false; 
WriteOnlyCharacteristic.prototype.onWriteRequest = function(data, offset, withoutResponse, callback) { 
	if (!busy) { 
		var expectation = recieveData.handleTheData(result, LEDObject); 
		Promise.resolve(expectation).then(()=> { 
			busy = false; 
recieveData.handleTheData takes the string command and the ledObject which has the strip object created through johnnyfive and node-pixel.
I created the functionality as a promise to resolve the updating up the led strip before processing new incoming data. I am using strip.pixel(index).color("rgb(0,50,0)"); strip.show(); to update the leds.

Originally I had no promises for handling incoming data and updating to the strip. I had to wait about 1 second between sending data to be sure it wouldnt crash. I added a promise to asynchronously handle updating and that improved the speed at which I could send more data. I added a promise around all of it (as the code above is showing) and it has really improved things but it still crashes.

I have read the error might be about an inability to write to the i2c pins, a communication issue. I believe my problem my be related to the incoming Bluetooth signals interrupting the board being updated (or vise-versa) and I am not sure what options there are to troubleshoot.

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