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Motions Script not working

Fri Jan 19, 2018 11:04 pm

I'm trying to "build" the Adafruit Cloud Camera ( ... a/overview) and the Dropbox upload seems to be working (I uploaded a "read me" file as a test) but when I run Motions (which appears to be version 4.0) it says "logging to file" and then stops after two lines.

At an earlier point it started to log, then it started giving me lines in terminal with parts of my Dropbox configuration, showing a random Dropbox access token numbers that changed as motion passed in front of the camera (I know that sounds weird, but I'm serious).

I know the instructions on the Adafruit site were a bit dated since the Dropbox setup was different (easier) that the Adafruit instructions. Is my Motions 4.0 dated too and may be where the problem is?

I am the ultimate newbie at this. I am not a coder (yet) by any means. I an trying to build this to help my wife with one of her research projects (hummingbird behavior). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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