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HDMI Intermittent No Signal After Rebooting

Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:27 am

Hello and Thanks in advance

I have a couple of RPi v3 installed with Raspbian Stretch PIXEL in my home, which I set up to load a webpage after booting into the desktop by using the Chromium browser in Kiosk Mode (--kiosk).

Each of the RPis is attached to a TV via HDMI and they are powered by the TV's USB port. The latter is such that I can turn them on and off together with the TV, which I do almost daily.

They mostly work, but sometimes when the TV comes on, it just shows "No Signal". I can VNC into the RPi, so it is turned on, however the resolution is very small and does not match the TV's resolution. It seems that the HDMI port did not detect the connection upon restart. But after rebooting it using the command line, when the RPi starts the TV displays my webpage normally.

Is there a way to prompt/force the RPi to check the HDMI connection?

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