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Python scripts not running on boot

Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:43 pm

I have a number of sensors connected to my pi 3 and i put the python scripts (7 of them) that starts the sensors at boot in the /etc/profile/ folder.. Of the 7 scripts, i noticed that only the scripts that turns on a led and the 16x2 lcd runs at startup no matter where i put the scripts, (be it rc.local or chrontab) the other scripts that should startup my ldr, mq5, dht11, pir sensors do not run at startup.

I also should not fail to mention that the problem started after i used the "kill all python" command one day.
While i was trouble shooting this issue i backed up my sd card and re-flashed an earlier image of my sd card and all the scripts booted with the pi. But the thing is i do not want to have to start my project all over again. How can i force all scripts to startup with my pi?

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