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Help - SD Card is dying or at least corrupt

Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:19 am

Hello together.

I need urgent help.

2 days ago the Pi was showing a strange behaviour while booting up. A lot of error messages. (Sorry, I can't say anymore what exactly it said). Anyways... I have an automatic backup system... yeah. Just bad that I was setting it up wrong and it made only a backup of the first partition... :o

And the Odyssee startet.
I can still access the card. So the first thought was to take it out and make a complete image with dd. Well said. Did it. Then copying the image back to another SD 32GB card. But it wouldn't boot.
As I had a copy now, I tried to repair the card... don't ask me how, I found a Tutorial (many actually) and tried what I could find. (I am still a Linux beginner)
It found a lot of stuff and tried its best. After that, the original sd card was working again. The Pi startet and seemed ok. Until now I just found phpmyadmin not working... files were missing. So I guess the card is corrupt and the next failure can appear every minute.

The thing is I can't make an image or straight a copy to another sd card. It is not working. I have 2 more 32GB sd cards. But they are a little bit smaller... and at the end dd is complaining that there is no space left :shock:
I tried pishrink. This is complaining as well (something with sector which is not assigned)... tons of this messages.
So, again, I think the file system or partition system is corrupt already.

(Sorry that I can't provide detailed error messages or anything... I did so much in the last 2 days... I really can't remember)

Now the question: If I copy a new raspian image on a new sd card, then I get a fresh bootable card. (partition 1: boot, partition 2: 'data') And then just copy all files from the old SD card (partition 2) to the new SD card (partition 2 - 'boot' not touching)... would that work?
I mean would it still boot and would it be like the old system with all installed software, packages, configurations, files, etc.

Thank you very much in advance!

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Re: Help - SD Card is dying or at least corrupt

Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:29 am


If your SD card is showing signs of corruption then it likely that it is partition 2: 'data' that is actually corrupt as that is the partition used by Linux OS and were all installed software, packages, configurations, files, etc.

So no copying a the partition in it entirety will not help you, you could copy data & configuration files from your damaged SD card to you new SD card buy booting with the new SD card and then mounting the old SD card on your pi using a USB card reader, but you would still need to re-install all the software on the new SD card.
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