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install troubles openelec

Sat Sep 29, 2012 10:06 am

i am having big troubles with my pi:
first i tried a sandisk 8gb class4 with a htc power supply and htc cable
With that i can get raspian to run and raspbmc, openelec does nothing as does xbian
Voltage stays close to 5v, with alomost no variation

Then i bought a new verified sd, icidu 16gb class 10 with a new power supply.
It has a voltage of 6 volt, with 1000 mA
Now xbian boots, but openelec still does completely nothing, just a black screen and a red led

Whats going wrong here?
i also tried openelec through berryterminal, but thats also gets me only a black screen :roll: :roll:

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