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Analogue Audio very low

Sun Sep 16, 2012 12:18 am

Hi there,

I've built a small speaker inside the case that I houses my RPi, its just the speaker from one of the tweeters of a creative 5.1 surround setup that I no longer use.

I've just scotchlok'ed a 3.5mm jack onto it and plugged it into the analogue output.

Anyway I tested this first on my laptop running Ubuntu, set the volume using alsamixer and it screams away as loud as anything with the same audio file.

Now that I've fitted it on my RPi, I play an audio file (either WAV or MP3, neither make a difference) I get a barely audible sound from the speaker.

I've tried adjusting my volume with alsamixer and amixer on the RPi, they are all maxed out with no change.

I'm running Raspbian, with the latest firmware: Linux raspberrypi 3.2.27+ #143 PREEMPT Tue Sep 11 02:02:37 BST 2012 armv6l GNU/Linux

I'm using mpg123 to try to play it, but I've also tried aplay and omxplayer (which does nothing but bid me a nice day, pft.)

Anyone else had this issue? or can suggest a fix? Or is this just due to the low powered nature of the device?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Analogue Audio very low

Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:26 am

On another thread somewhere, I worked out the power out of the 3.5mm jack ... ah found it! ... 91#p164926
There's not much power available, so it wont be very loud.

One suggestion I have for you: with a bit of stripboard, an op-amp and some passive components, you could build an amp driven off the GPIO 5v supply.

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Re: Analogue Audio very low

Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:02 pm

You will need a set of active speakers.
The Pi analog output can't drive a speaker directly.
It even can't drive a headphone properly. It's like that by design.

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Re: Analogue Audio very low

Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:25 am

Or you can try a small amplifier powered from usb (you might need a powered hub).
Just search on Ebay for something like this ... 3a78f380d5.
That will do the job, but don't expect much power or sound quality ;)

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