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Installing LXDE makes Raspberry Pi 3 freeze in every boot

Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:44 pm

Hi there guys,

So I installed a Raspbian Jessie version on a 8GB microSD card.
That OS is installed via Matlab which I think is a version that Mathworks made to the users be able to use Matlab and Simulink in the Raspberry Pi 3.

Everything works fine. Until I install through apt-get the LXDE package.

After installing the OS, I install lxde through sudo apt-get install lxde. After installing it, if I reboot the Raspberry Pi 3, he becomes unresponsive. It's like, the lights of the LAN cable are on, he seems to communicate with my Internet Router, but I can´t communicate via SSH with my Raspberry Pi. If I go to the router console, says that my Raspberry is Inactive which is odd because he is power ON and the LAN lights are blinking.

So can be the LXDE package that is making these problems?

I don't have a external monitor, so the only option is to use tightvncserver. But if I do not install LXDE, vncserver gives me some error saying that I don't have any kind of xserver. It's like I don't have any GUI with this OS.

And I am starting to become worried about breaking my Pi. Because the only option after turning him ON and see that he is unresponsive, is to power off him through the DC connector. Which can be bad to the Pi.

Thank you for your help

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Re: Installing LXDE makes Raspberry Pi 3 freeze in every boo

Thu Oct 27, 2016 4:54 am

From the MathWorks web page:"Note that you cannot install MATLAB as a standalone application or execute MATLAB code locally on a Raspberry Pi. To develop applications for the Raspberry Pi to be used in standalone operation, please see the Raspberry Pi Support from Simulink®." I think you need to read up on matlab completely before proceeding further.

Lxde requires additional packages to run normally in a raspberry. You can work backwords from this post: http://linuxg.net/how-to-properly-remov ... pberry-pi/, installing the packages that the author removes. You must be working from the Lite version to need to install this...normally it is installed automatically by Noobs or Raspbian.

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