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SD cards dying

Sun Oct 09, 2016 12:07 am

I have had 2 sd cards die in the past 2 days. One is a 8gb generic, but only 3 months old, the other is a Samsung evo 16gb that is about 1yr old. Both are having superblock messages in gparted and can read from them, but can't write.
Am I just getting unlucky with my sd cards?
I am using them in an RPi B+, and 2b and with official power supplies.
One was running OSMC and the other Wheeze lite (RPi Cam Web interface). Both were on 24/7.

Also, any suggestions of good sd cards that are fast/reliable?

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Re: SD cards dying

Sun Oct 09, 2016 12:12 am

ludespeedny wrote:I have had 2 sd cards die in the past 2 days.
Are you running with swap? Are you in the swap? If you have to use a swap partition, put it on a separate usb flash drive or better on an external hard drive.

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Re: SD cards dying

Sun Oct 09, 2016 1:52 am

I fixed the occasional similar card problem by formatting in another computer or another program, like disks. Format for the whole disk from scratch including the mbr. Some things fail in Gparted and work in disks while other things only work in Gparted.

Reformatting the whole disk also lets the card chip logic replace defective segments. The card will last until the card runs out of spare segments, which should be years. I have never had a failure with Samsung SSDs. I through their microSD cards would be just as reliable.

For fast microSD cards, I use Toshiba Exceria and some of the faster Sandisks. Sandisk, Toshiba, and Samsung are the only card manufacturers manufacturing their own memory chips and controller chips. All the components should be matched for reliability.

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