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Retropie HDMI = No sound

Mon Aug 29, 2016 5:34 pm

Ive read and read on topics relating to this before I posted up (and im sorry if this is something dumb)

Im running a Pi zero and ive got RetroPie working with games playable but no sound. I have looked in tot he config file and added a few lines from other posts that claimed to fix the issue and yet nothing. Below is what my config file looks like....any help guys?
# For more options and information see
# http://www.raspberrypi.org/documentatio ... fig-txt.md
# Some settings may impact device functionality. See link above for details

# uncomment if you get no picture on HDMI for a default "safe" mode

# uncomment this if your display has a black border of unused pixels visible
# and your display can output without overscan

# uncomment the following to adjust overscan. Use positive numbers if console
# goes off screen, and negative if there is too much border

# uncomment to force a console size. By default it will be display's size minus
# overscan.

# uncomment if hdmi display is not detected and composite is being output

# uncomment to force a specific HDMI mode (this will force VGA)

# uncomment to force a HDMI mode rather than DVI. This can make audio work in
# DMT (computer monitor) modes

# uncomment to increase signal to HDMI, if you have interference, blanking, or
# no display
# uncomment for composite PAL

#uncomment to overclock the arm. 700 MHz is the default.

# Uncomment some or all of these to enable the optional hardware interfaces

# Uncomment this to enable the lirc-rpi module

# Additional overlays and parameters are documented /boot/overlays/README

# Enable audio (loads snd_bcm2835)

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Re: Retropie HDMI = No sound

Mon Aug 29, 2016 6:33 pm

Hello and welcome to the Troubleshooting section of the pi forums.

Try to issue "sudo raspi-config", then using your arrow keys, navigate to Advanced options (9) and in there navigate to audio and select your source.

Hope that helped ;)
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Re: Retropie HDMI = No sound

Mon Aug 29, 2016 6:35 pm

Ive already told it to output through HDMI but no luck.

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