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Raspberry pi 3 OS and user account got lost

Wed Aug 10, 2016 5:13 am

I purchased a preloaded Noobs/ SD card with Jessie when I bought my Pi 3. The first boot up the Drop down menu looked normal. There were preferences and all of the Libre programs were also available. In preferences there was no WiFi setup to select and that is where the trouble started. I was clicking through other preferences looking for a means to set up WiFi and the System Hung. I had to reboot, After ReBoot none of the menu options were available. I have searched for the Desktop and Applications from the console and nothing seems to be there? This is kinda weird. I am ordering another SD card Adafruit, and have downloaded one here as well, but am kinda wondering if this is going to be a persistent problem?

When I started the pi up the first time I did not realize that I only had a 1 amp PS. Would that make it act weird? The first time it booted it looked fine except for their being no WiFi config in the Preference section of the GUI.?? I did buy a new 2.5 A power supply so I will give it a try as soon as that arrives.

Any Ideas while I await my power supply would be nice.

Mahalo from Hawaii.

Dave Brown

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Re: Raspberry pi 3 OS and user account got lost

Sun Aug 14, 2016 2:33 am

The microSD card is a fragile device and is easily corrupted if the Pi is powered down or the SD card is removed prior to the orderly shutdown of the Pi, by a command like

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sudo poweroff
or the Shutdown menu in the Desktop. That said, you may be able to restore the SD card by repartitioning with Gparted or a similar partition editor. If it complains that "No partition table is found", try to create a new partition table...may take several tries. In your case, I would use a restored SD or a new one 8GB or larger to load a new copy of NOOBs or the Raspbian image on the card and start over.

A good long term approach to the fragile uSD card is to use an external USB root directory on a USB memory or SSD. It is also faster. That way, the only time the SD card is actually in play is during the initial boot process. Adafruit has a nice tutorial on this...use the script they suggest. Short term, be very careful to do an orderly shutdown rather than just pulling the power plug.

The RPi3 draws quite a bit more power than its predecessors and 1A may not be sufficient, especially if its output is only 5.0 volts to start with. A 5.2 volt supply with 2.5 A rating is a better choice and more likely to overcome cable voltage drop from using a thin USB-OTG cable. Also, do not overload the USB ports...use a powered hub if you wish to put high current devices on the Pi.

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Re: Raspberry pi 3 OS and user account got lost

Sun Aug 14, 2016 3:11 am

Hey thanks for the reply. I burned a new image on another card, and bought a 2.5 amp power supply. I am logged in with the rpi while I write this. I am happy with the performance. I will look into the boot from a USB device. There seems to be a lot of people putting tutorials together for this. I was wondering why it was so popular now I know. I am reasonably certain the issue with not being able to set up WiFi config was due to there not being sufficient current to run the WiFi chip. I am getting pretty decent signal now even through a metal Eleduino case and my modem is 25 feet away through three walls!


Thanks again.

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