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RASB+ and noobs

Sun Jun 26, 2016 4:14 am


I have a special project coming up that could utilize my original RASBPI B+

Simce ot had been so long since Id used it, and I had initially started to set it up as a media server, i figured a fresh istall would be the tyhing.

Took out the SD card (not micro sd mind you, this is an 8GB full size), reformatted it,. copied over the files from noobs 1.92

and away i went

everything seemed normal, until the very end when it opened a big empty box and said "Which OS Do you want to boot from?"

But there were no choices.

BEHIND that was the installer desktop that asked what my keyboard ;ayout and language was to be.

I tried tab, alt-tab, space, enter. everything I could think of

no good

I accidentally hit the ESC key and that rebooted me and brought me back to the noobs installer

so i tried AGAIN

4 times same result.

I have a feeling that when I go grocery shopping after church Im going to buy a new SD card (just in xase)

BUT if any of you recognize and know the fix for THIS I'd appreciate it



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Re: RASB+ and noobs

Sun Jun 26, 2016 6:30 am

It sounds as though you may have downloaded the NOOBS-Lite (Network only) version of the NOOBS Installer. This does not contain any Operating Systems to install, but requires an active wired Ethernet connection to the Internet to allow an OS to be downloaded and installed. Or a WiFi connection using the official RPi dongle.

The full (network and offline) version of the NOOBS Installer does contain a copy of the Raspbian OS ready to be installed without requiring a network connection.

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Re: RASB+ and noobs

Sun Jun 26, 2016 8:38 am

If all you want is Raspbian, then just use the image file.

If you prefer NOOBS then get the full version, or make sure you are online (if you want anything other than Raspbian you'll need to be online anyway). And language selection should be at the bottom of the screen...
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Re: RASB+ and noobs

Sun Jun 26, 2016 11:35 am

Appreciate the ideas, but it is the full version of noobs

and I hadnt thought about JUST the RASP image, thats a good thought, but I also have it on a wired connection.

so, if I have time before I go I may try the image, although to be honest, after having spent 20 years in IS, the reason I went w/ noobs is because for some reason THAT image has always challenged me.

I can install servers in my sleep, but THAT one image drives me nuts.

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