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wifi ifup not bringing connection up

Sun Apr 10, 2016 3:46 pm

I have a raspberry pi 3. The wireless connection works perfectly fine, with connection being established at boot.
However, I am trying to develop some script that can take the wifi down and up without a reboot.
The purpose of script is to scan for wireless networks, ask for password from user, put it in wpa_supplicant.conf and
establish connection. (a very basic, non graphical version of wpa_gui )
So, I do: (this is just to check if the ifdown/ifup works from command line before doing with actual script)

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sudo ifdown --force wlan0  #works fine connection goes down. wpa_supplicant is not there anymore.
#after five seconds...
sudo ifup --force wlan0 # wpa_spplicant is up and running
ifconfig #does not show wlan0 connected or ipaddress.

#sudo shutdown -r now  ##does come back up with connection establshed.
I also tried:

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sudo dhclient wlan0  #after the ifup. dhclient is up and running but no wireless connection
My jessie version is the one that was there after March 11, which is when I started my Pi 3 fresh install.
Any suggestion ?
Thanks a lot

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