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DISPLAY TFT 2.8 ROBOPEAK - if installed, it uses GPIOs

Sat Nov 28, 2015 11:31 pm


I am working on a project that I am using raspberryPi as the main "computer".

For the project I am going to need all GPIOs and also I will have to use the USB Display 2.8" mentioned.

To use the display, I tryed to do by the following ways:

1) ... ption=true

However, by doing this the kernel corrupted and I had to reinstall it from the beggining.

2) ... vanced/594

By doing this, I had to write a line on /boot and the kernel changed. The display started working. However, I realized that I couldnt use GPIO anymore. Seraching on the web, I saw an article that was saying that the display with a touchscreen uses GPIOs .

Perhaps if I just install the display without the "touch ", I can still use all GPIOs on my project.

any help?


Caina G. Fernandes

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Re: DISPLAY TFT 2.8 ROBOPEAK - if installed, it uses GPIOs

Tue Dec 01, 2015 4:31 pm

Please use the stock Raspbian image, with the standard kernel, and then run our installer which will install *just* the required kernel modules:

The RoboPeak/DFRobot USB Display does not use or require any GPIO, but there's no doubt my experimental and now unnecessary kernel re-compiles somehow stuffed it up.

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