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SD card issues

Wed Oct 28, 2015 7:51 pm

I have a generic 64GB SD that's been giving me some trouble. After formatting it with OSMC and getting stuck at "can't mount root" error, I went to see what was up with the card. Formatted it with Raspbian and it booted fine (I didn't expand the SD on raspi-config). That got me wondering what was up, so I checked the card with fsck. At first it appeared that the card had broken superblocks. I went on to use this guide: ... in-ubuntu/

Restored every superblock backup there was, but it didn't solve my issue.
After pretty much a week of formatting, experiments, trying the same commands over and over again I read today about formatting the card without journaling, and fsck and gparted stopped issuing me warnings about the card. fsck now says that my card is clean and gparted doesn't show any warning and says there's about 1GB of used space (but I have no files there).

So basically my question is: what can I do to recover this card in order to at least use Raspbian and extend the SD to it's full space? Is it possible to simply ignore the part of the SD that has errors? What can I do to further diagnose this issue?

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Re: SD card issues

Wed Oct 28, 2015 9:04 pm

ladius wrote:I have a generic 64GB SD that's been giving me some trouble.
Can you confirm that you didn't fall foul of this pitfall?:
(ie. what format(s) were you using?) Have you tested whether the card is a fake?
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