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eth0 problems

Sun Jul 22, 2012 1:56 pm


After a long wait for the pi and for the cabling to connect it to my screen, I have issues getting the network active.

pi with original power, raspbian image, fresh install. Keyboard and utp cabling into a working environment (if I connect my laptop, I get a DHCP address) Screen is connected through hdmi -> DVI cable.

eth0 does not 'see' the network. Initially eth0 was flapping between 10/100 linkup/down. This could be due to incompatible modes on my sweex switch. Connected my mikrotik in between, which caused the pi to agree on 10M full duplex. Fine. Mikrotik also has a dhcp server, but no address from DHCP. Manual config into the same range does not show any problems, but an ordinairy ping does not work.

mii-tool reports 1000Mbit on the adapter, while this only should be 100M max. ethtool copied onto the sd, rebooted, installed fine, but segfaults when using.
Installed the archlinux version, which states it cannot find eth0.

Help is appriciated.....


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