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Home directory empty after reboot with USB flash disk

Fri Jul 06, 2012 9:09 pm

My Raspi was having no problems until now. I had a USB flash disk via a powered hub in. I rebooted the Raspi with the flash disk, and in Putty, it show me "could not chdir to home directory /home/pi no such directory. And of course there is now no VNC server anymore or webserver. Also my internet server on the Raspi is gone. The home directory is there, but the /pi is missing altogether.

Was this just a fluke that perhaps my SD card got corrupted or could the USB disk in place have caused it to overwrite my files?

Is it possible to restore my system? I won't enjoy the rather lenghty procedure of reinstalling and resetting all my gadgets and scripts to get things the way I wanted.

BTW I still have FTP running, so I suppose it "should" be possible to backup my directories, but how will I know which ones is corrupted?

Standard Debian squeeze.

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