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Raspberry Pi 2 shuts off unexpectedly

Sun Mar 15, 2015 6:41 pm

I've been seeing an intermittent issue and I'd like thoughts on how I can diagnose. About 4 times in the past day my Rpi 2 shut off completely (and without any warning) following a pretty short session of usage. And no I didn't take a flash picture :mrgreen:

Some info about my setup:
I've been running the latest version of RetroPie (a few weeks old)
I have been running using the factory raspi-config "Rpi 2" overclock option
I have a bluetooth dongle, joypad, and keyboard hooked up via USB
Using a 32GB class 10 Sandisk micro SD
High quality 2A/5.25V power supply from Adafruit

I don't suspect it's related to the overclock b/c the shutdowns occurred following minimal usage and I've since run two different stress tests for CPU and disc IO with zero problems.

I did add the bluetooth dongle a few days ago so maybe that's the culprit.

Any ideas for how to diagnose? Logs I should look at, etc.

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