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motioneye high cpu usage

Tue Jul 27, 2021 2:08 am

I have a single pi zero w with a pi camera running rtsp-simple-server, streaming to a pi 4 running motioneyeos.

Everything is disabled besides the "Video Device". Trying to stream 1080p30, not even recording yet. I'm guessing redirecting an rtsp stream to a browser shouldn't require decoding / encoding should it? But apparently it does, as I can adjust the "Streaming Quality" slider and see that the quality changes, so some transcoding must be happening. The load is already at 2.5 and I'm not even recording or using motion detection yet!

I also don't see ffmpeg running on the pi 4. Does motioneye use ffmpeg? Does it use hardware accelerated transcoding?

Has anyone gotten motioneye running on a pi 4, with multiple 1080p streams, with a decent framerate, with low cpu usage? Again, my goal is for transcoding to be disabled entirely!! I just would expect rtsp to forward to the browser, and eventually, copy record to a fast disk. Neither of those operations should require transcoding but perhaps I'm wrong.

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