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Internet not connecting on Raspberry Pi 3B

Fri May 14, 2021 2:41 pm

I'm having a problem with my Raspberry Pi for a school project. I have to make a server with several raspberry pis with an IDS, HoneyPot, and load balancing. One of my partners in the class was helping and they got the IDS and honeypot on one single PI. They installed HoneyPi which has both the IDS and HoneyPot on it. I'm installing HAProxy on the load balancing pi and I need to install a LAMP server on the other Pi. After they finished with their Pi I tried to install Apache2. I use Yum so i attempted an install with this command - "Sudo apt-get install yum". Then I get this error several times "Temporary failure resolving 'raspbian.raspberrypi.org'" also an unable to fetch some archives error. Nothing will install and I cant access the internet. I had a control pi that i checked the '/etc/dhcpcd.conf' file with and it was the same. I disabled firewall, and i pinged LocalHost which worked, but when i tried to ping our class router, it never transmitted a package. Same when i tried to ping google.com. Is there anything that im missing that i should check?

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Re: Internet not connecting on Raspberry Pi 3B

Sat May 15, 2021 2:24 pm

Does "ping" work?
- No => you're not on the network or access is filtered (not directly on the Pi but in a router apparently)
- Yes => domain name resolution is broken. Normally there should be the address of at least one DNS server in file /etc/resolv.conf.
The file is usually updated by the DHCP client, the DHCP server normally sends the address of the DNS server to use as part of the network configuration information for the client.
Check resolv.conf, if you find a nameserver in there, see if the server is reachable.
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Re: Internet not connecting on Raspberry Pi 3B

Sat May 15, 2021 3:30 pm

Once you've got your networking working, just use apt to install apache2 and haproxy. It is the native way of installing the proper packages.

BTW Congratulations on choosing HAProxy. Once you get used to the configuration files it is really easy to use and very flexible. I've used it for various things for years now.
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