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Problems with connecting to RPi3B+ headless with SSH

Fri Oct 12, 2018 9:02 am

I have ran into a problem that i could not find a solution anywhere only so i decided to ask it separately.
I have been using my RPi3B+ for around a month now, with Raspbian desktop (it came with the package, I didnt install it myself). Since I dont have a display, I use SSH to connect to it with my laptop (XPS 15 9560, running windows 10 1803). The laptop doesnt have an ethernet port, so I have to use dongles. I have two, one is Eth to USB type C (has Gigabit), and the other is Eth to USB type B 2 (doesnt have Gigabit). Up til now I have always used the Type C adapter, but as of one week, I cant connect to the pi anymore, but I can via type B. Since I also download stuff from the internet, I would really like to make the type C dongle work again.
Heres how I connect to my pi:
  1. power the pi, wait until it boots (the green/yellow/ ACT led doesnt blink anymore)
  2. connect the pi via ethernet to my laptop
  3. Then I either:
    1. wait until I see packets from wireshark and search for a packet with the pi's mac address (filter on: eth.addr[0:3] == B8:27:EB)
    2. run in cmd arp -a | findstr b8-27-eb
  4. connect via ssh to that ip address
(This method still works with the type B adapter)

I noticed that for some reason pi after getting an ip address, gets into a loop of asking whether an IP address is available and not moving on (pic attached). Whenever I try to ssh into/ping the broadcasted IP, the destination is unreachable.

What can I do?
Wireshark capture of raspberry pi
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Re: Problems with connecting to RPi3B+ headless with SSH

Fri Oct 12, 2018 9:39 am

In this direct ethernet connection scenario without a router, I set a static IP address on my laptop and run tftpd on my laptop as a DHCP server to provide an IP address in the correct IP address range to my Pi. I can see in TFTPDs dialog box when the Pi has connected and with which IP address. Normally the IP address is now consistent within my own IP address pool. Then it is an easy matter to SSH or VNC into the Pi
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