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Need help building yaml-cpp for Raspbian...

Tue May 29, 2012 2:01 pm

Hey gang,

I'm trying to get RobotOS (ROS) working on my RPi (running Raspbian). I've run into 1 package that isn't in the Raspbian repository yet so I'm having to build it myself and I'm kinda clueless on what I'm doing to get it working.

The code is at:

I have CMake installed (it's installed as part of the ROS installation). When I try to follow the steps on that page for yaml-cpp to build using cmake, I just get all sorts of errors (sorry, I'm at work, RPi is at home so I'll have to append the error output here when I get back home tonight.)

Can somebody try building this for Raspbian and give me some instructions on how to do it? I think this is the last package I need to get ROS working so I'm kinda hot to get it done ASAP.


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