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Replace HDD with Networking Interface

Sun May 27, 2012 7:10 pm

So I was working in Maplin today and a conversation got brought up about the good old raspberry PI. Realising I had mine posted on Thursday, I had to start getting all the IO devices like mouse hub etc.

I realised that my HDD cady is a little over used and the bottom had come off (it was only a cheap caddy from eBay). And I thought that I only had a 60gb HDD inside and the main use I was going to use it for was for a media centre and experimental use. I didn't want to use the hard drive on the PI as it not only uses a lot of current for the solar charger I was going to create for it. It is also quite large, completely disproving the point of it being small etc etc...

Now I have set up media sharing on my computer to share movies and games around the house. it is normally on (BTW I am a student). Is there a similar app for the linux? I could use FTP... but this would have to download the media before I could play it. Is there an app for the linux operating system to enable me to stream media to it?

Thank you very much and I will be happy to see any replies! :)

Maybe Monday it might arrive? :O

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Re: Replace HDD with Networking Interface

Mon May 28, 2012 4:25 pm

Easiest option is probably just to mount a samba share. Search/Google for more info...

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