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Live TV in RaspBMC

Sun Sep 09, 2012 10:14 pm

Hi. I'm using Raspbmc and I want to create a media centre, with live TV as a priority. People have described success using something called "Tvheadend". I've been all over google, but I'm struggling to find SIMPLE instructions on how to install this into Raspbmc's XBMC and get it working.

Another problem one may have is that the USB Tuner only supports a certain kernel, so I may have to make changes to my Pi's Kernel in order to make it work. I do not wish to do this as it seems complicated - i'd rather have one that either works out the box, or I just need to download a simple peice of firmware/drivers in order to make it work.

I have not purchased a TV tuner yet, so that I can go off you guys' suggestions as to which I should buy for minimum fuss and maximum simple usage.


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