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Re: Raspberry Pi as a media server

Thu Apr 26, 2012 6:55 pm

I saw a lot of posts regarding making a media server out of RPI. I run a project for 2 years now, running different media servers on ARM based devices. It"s called "squeezeplug". Now a days it"s running on sheevaplugs, on dockstars and on goflex net. I have ordered my RPI on the first day, but haven"t got one yet. With my images you are able to choose between different media servers. I support Squeezebox, Twonky, mindlan an tvmobili. It can also be used as a Squeezebox player, running squeezeslave. All in all it"s a great solution and a lot of people in the world are happy with it. So I"m very much interested to see if and how it runs on RPI. If someone is interested and has already got his device I would be very happy to try Squeeszeplug on RPI together. Squeezeplug is Debian based (squeeze) and I have scripts in place to set it all up. Please inform me if you are interested to test together!

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