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Re: Android apps running under ARM Linux?

Sun Nov 06, 2011 10:22 pm

Is it possible to just run Android applications without running/emulating/porting the whole Android setup to the Raspberry Pi? I\'ve tried to search the forum and Google but the forum posts I could find were about porting all of Android over and most of the Google results were either that or doing stuff under Win32/64 with a x86 or x64 CPU.

Or is it possible to run the Android Emulator on ARM itself and not take the speed hit of QEMU that the Android SDK emulator causes by emulating ARM? Some form of visualization or run the Dalvik VM and core libraries directly on whatever Linux distro we run, say Arch ARM? Would that be sufficient to get most Android apps running or is there a big step I\'m missing?

YouWave looks to be something closer to the SDK emulator for Windows but BlueStacks have an interesting product that lets you run Android apps under Windows, are there any similar projects for Linux on Arm?

According to the Dalvik wiki page on Wikipedia, there\'s a product called Alien Dalvik which there\'s a YouTube video demo but no download for. It uses an Android Dalvik compatible VM called Turbo Dalvik which the also claim is significantly faster. Version 2 of Alien Dalvik appears to be a h.264 streaming cloud based which is useless if you\'ve not got a fast always-on internet connection.

There\'s a similar-looking project to Alien Dalvik v1 called IcedRobot with what appear to be similar aims but with little (if any) actual practical success so far.

There\'s Dalvik isolated from the rest of the Android stack but presumably that\'s not sufficient, is it?

My end goal is to run say Napster and NDrive/TomTom on a model B Ras Pi. I\'m more than happy to scurry off to do more research but any direction would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Android apps running under ARM Linux?

Mon Nov 07, 2011 7:14 am

Another example of a project that does this is here: ... for-MeeGo/

Hopefully one of the open source attempts to do this (such as IcedRobot) will mature, but I\'m not aware of anything freely available that works right now.

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Re: Android apps running under ARM Linux?

Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:01 pm

My direction would be to find another way to get the capabilites you want. Android will never be very happy with an under-powered , 700 MHz V6 ARM, 256MB RAM, and no touchscreen. The first 2 cannot be fixed, and the third one can be, but takes the cost above a straight Android tablet.

Hacking Android onto the Pi as a technical challenge is very worthwhile. Planning to actually use it seems a bit unrealistic. I\'d love to be proved wrong though.

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Re: Android apps running under ARM Linux?

Tue Nov 08, 2011 9:36 am

@asb: Nice one, thanks, I\'d missed that one. I\'ll keep an eye on it. :)

@obarthelemy: I\'ve seen Android running on a 600MHz ARM with 256MB RAM and a resistive touchscreen that is so utterly worthless, it\'s more like a poor attempt at a Rube Goldberg-esque suicide machine. The winning combination of input lag on the launcher and wildly inaccurate and sometimes non-existent touch sensing made using it an act of incandescent rage-inducing frustration. It still ran Napster just fine though, but because the touch was so inaccurate it may as well have been set to random shuffle. It\'d have been fine with a mouse. :D Unless high quality commercial Sat Nav apps are ported to ArchARM, and they manage to get an up-to-date flash runtime running, I\'m gunna want my Android Napster and NDrive apps working on the Pi if possible.

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Re: Android apps running under ARM Linux?

Sat Jul 27, 2013 7:01 pm

Overclocking has been made possible, and the ram is updated too, so we lost a few probs

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